FC Barcelona – juga dikenal sebagai Barça, adalah sebuah klub olahraga di Barcelona, Katalonia, Spanyol yang mempunyai klub-klub dalam beberapa cabang olahraga, namun yang paling terkenal adalah sepak bola.

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French defender Eric Abidal wants to recover his best playing form, that of before the operation to remove a tumor from his liver, before continuing negotiations regarding the renewal of his contract. This was made clear during Abidal’s press conference, that took place following training on Thursday morning.

Éric Abidal has spoken openly of how he is doing physically six months after a tumor was detected on his liver which was surgically removed. The Frenchman, who before the operation was a key member of the squad for Guardiola’s Barça last season, wants to once again regain that physical level. And this is one of the reasons that the negotiations for his contract renewal have not yet been finalized. “I have an offer from the Club. I’ve spoken with Zubizarreta, but the first thing I have said to him is that I don’t want to mislead anyone,” he affirmed.

For the present, Abidal explained that he continues undergoing tests to prevent a recurrence [of the tumor], and his main objective is his health. In the past, the defender of Barça has said he would like to retire at the Club, but he is aware that “life can change from one day to the next.” Considering this situation, Abidal is quite clear: “I want to play again at my highest [level]. I know it will be complicated because we are not machines.” Once he obtains his goal, he “will speak with the Club,” he stated. It seems clear the guiding factor for the ’22′ of Barça is that “to respect the Club first I have to think about my health.”

What is not in doubt is that Abidal has the desire to fight to reach his previous form. The proof of this is that Guardiola, although Abidal himself says he is not yet at 100%, has counted on him for all the official matches so far this season. Along with Valdés, Messi and Mascherano, the Frenchman has played every minute of the Spanish Super Cup, the European Super Cup, and the first League game against Villarreal. “In football the mental factor is what gives you strength in these matches,” explained the player, who added that “I make the effort because I like this work and my team mates and the Club.”

On Saturday Abidal would be able to play in his 100th League match with Barça. Abidal downplayed the importance of this fact and only has the wish to continue adding more games as a blaugrana. For the match in Anoeta, Abidal is most concerned about earning the three points after the international break. Despite only having a few training session with the entire group present, Abidal said that “we are prepared for this game.”

Abidal has praised Pep Guardiola, who this afternoon will receive the Medal of Honor from the Catalunya Parliament. “He is a great man for Catalunya for everything he has done for the region and for football. He is a perfect coach, that has won everything and who is good at communicating with all his players. He is an image of the Club and of Catalunya, of respect and hard work.”


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